"i will always love you,

no matter what

you decide to do."

[independent roleplay]

One too many. [open]

Itachi didn’t visit Polis very often, manly because the restrictions to his chakra made him feel uneasy. Not that he needed any genjutsu or ninjutsu if he had to defend himself. Some might expect him to feel uncomfortable around so many people in one place, when really it was the opposite. He liked to people watch. Finding his stomach empty, the Uchiha set off on a mission to end it’s grumbling terror. It wasn’t too long before he set sights on a stand that sold a rather nostalgic item. Dango. 

He really did enjoy good dango. 

With the line at the stand reduced to nothing, Itachi approached and ordered himself three to go. The young woman at the stand blushed and nodded completely happy to agree with his order… she even cut the price down half. Her attraction to the shinobi went completely unnoticed as he simply watched fresh dumplings being made. He paid half price as she told him, and took the paper back full of dumplings as he walked away. Fishing a skewer out he wasted no time in bringing the morsel to his mouth.

Tasted just like the ones back home. Glancing inside the paper bag Itachi suddenly discovered he had been given four instead of three. “…she gave me one too many.”